Today : 27-Jan-2023

Sant Shri Keshwanand Mahavidhyalya

Adhampur, Near Makkanpur,
NH-2, Distt. Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh)

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A good teacher makes good students and good citizens. Only a good citizen can serve his family, society and his country To achieve this education course has been introduced to make superior teachers. Sant Shri Keshwanand Mahavidhyalya is run and managed by Trust. It is situated in green and neat and clear surroundings of Shikohabad away from traffic, noise and pollution thereby an ideal place for training and education. The college is co-educational with excellent infrastructure including spacious lecture halls, science laboratories, library, seminar room, multipurpose hall, art and craft resource centre and other facilities.

Sant Shri Keshwanand Mahavidhyalya is committed to provide equal opportunities in higher education to students and prepare them for making meaningful contribution in an increasingly complex global society. This mission is accomplished through quality education offered by the college by training young individuals to become teachers through its education program. Maintaining quality in its offerings is fundamental to our reputation. We are committed to create a dynamic, exciting discovery driven intellectual environment that will draw superior teachers.

Vision: - Development of creative, human and progressive teachers acting as catalysts for social change through a distinctive teacher education program which is embedded with value and professionalism in its approach.

Mission: - - To prepare teachers excelling in teaching and research methodology.
- To foster skills and attitude for teachers to discharge their duties and functions in such a way as to provide significant inputs in school education.
- To prepare teachers to fully utilize potentialities of information technology and communication methodology.